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About us

The Riis-Group was founded in 1976 and consists of 3 SBU’s. The main company P.Riis Holding owns 100% of the stock and is a family driven company. Furthermore, The Riis-Group is a shareholder in the nordic company Medica Clinical Nord AB. Our main strategy is to provide first class products produced and handled in Scandinavia at competitive prices on the global market.

The largest SBU; Vello Scandinavia A/S has the lion’s share of the firm’s activities and is always expanding its business range. Vello Scandinavia A/S imports and produces medical equipment, herbal medicine, food supplements and cosmetics. Vello Scandinavia is especially competitive and competent within the field of these products’ export. Furthermore, constant R&D, innovation and well driven logistics are just a few principles that make Vello Scandinavia a leading company within our productrange.
The main export countries are the Scandinavian countries while the market outside of Europe represents an area of keen interest for Vello Scandinavia. Outside Europe, Vello Scandinavia A/S has export clients all the from Iceland, Dubai to Australia.

Frequent contact with our export clients is of paramount importance for Vello Scandinavia. This has led to several important business relations around the world and developing closer personal relationships is a key factor for Vello Scandinavia when doing business around the world.

In 2006, 2007 and 2008 Vello Scandinavia received a triple A rating for the third time in its history. Vello Scandinavia’s top selling brands within our export business are in many instances products delivered in a private label. Vello Scandinavia owns and handles all production of these leading brands.

Our Head office

Vello Scandinavia A/S - Ortenvej 60 - 6800 Varde - Tlf. +45 75 21 11 10 -


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